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Bladder Scanner

The VitaScan LT Bladder Scanner recognizes and tracks area while indicating a constant picture of the bladder. Vitacon's Ultrasound Bladder Scanner gives a 3D multi-plane sweep from one situation of the body with three selectable output profundities (100mm, 160mm, and 230mm) to oblige to different body types. The VitaScan LT Bladder Imaging Device consequently gauges urinary bladder volume and Post Void Retention (PVR) in only 3 to 4 seconds with results precise to +/ - 10% (20ml). A manual estimation with auto recalculation might be taken.

Electrical Bed

We supply various kind of bed like flexible beds and are basically electric controlled beds with relies on its surface that can be set to various positions, ordinarily on the head and foot. A typical sight in emergency clinic wards, they are currently gradually advancing into home consideration. In case you have any requirement please contact us directly for quotaiton.