Our Company and Services
Mr.  Ibrahim Taher Al-Baghli (The Chairman)


Al Wafaa Medical Company

We would like to introduce ourselves as Al Wafaa Medical company which is a Group of companies that has been in the business of medical services in Kuwait since 2002. Al Wafaa is a part of widely known Al-Baghli commercial Group and it has been active in various different services such as Albahar General Services (Public Services), Albahar Medical Services (Medical Services- Hospitals and Clinics), Al Raed Security Co. (Security Services) And Al-Baghli General Trading Company, The group has been established in Kuwait during the year 1985 with a total of above 5000 plus employees.

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Our Specialities

Our expert of medical group provide various medical services;

  • Nursing- physiotherapy by well-trained nurses supervised by experienced doctors.
  • Our trained medical human resources are with high level of competency for all government bodies and institutions as well as hospitals and clinics,
  • Al Wafaa Medical Company is also specialize in providing hospitals, clinics and individual (retails) clients with equipment, devices, medical supplies and consumables.
  • Weather you own a company or just an individual entrepreneur seeking to setup own business in medical field, Al Wafaa consultation service is always available by highly experts professional.

Al Wafaa is growing faster with your help and with an excellent record of accomplishment for the best customer satisfaction in Kuwait Market, that is why we have also extended our field of service for Pharmaceutical Products as well.


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We provide our full support and service for opening new hospitals or clinics in Kuwait. Starting from planning and designing, Doctors and Nurses and their qualifications, registration, supplying of medical equipment and other hardware devices required for the setup.


The medical services area is an amazing spot for hopeful business people to open up Clinics, Pharmacy, Shops, Hospitals. Investing in medical business and services are wonderful thought for bunches of reasons.


Here are just a few area of interest may catch your eye.

MedicalTranscription Services.

MedicalRecords Management.

Physical/Occupational Therapy Center.

Develop a Healthcare App.

Diabetic Care Center.

Home Healthcare Service.

MedicalFoot Care.

Drug Treatment/Rehabilitation Center.


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